ACL Pictures: Day III

ACL Day III: The Head and the Heart, (sort of) The Airborne Toxic Event, Chiddy Bang, Broken Social Scene, Fleet Foxes, & Arcade Fire

The Head and the Heart


A band from Seattle, The Head and the Heart was very funny when they were transitioning between songs, and they played good music with a lot of unique instruments.


After The Head and the Heart, I picked up cans and bottles so that I could get a free t-shirt. I collected them all right next to The Airborne Toxic Event’s show, so I could hear them but couldn’t see them.


This is a picture of one of the four volunteer bottle collection stations. This amount, times four, was the amount of cans and bottles on the ground collected for one day. It shows how many cans and things people used in a mere three days, and this is only refuse that didn’t make it into trash cans or recycling stations.


Broken Social Scene


I saw them so that I could get a good spot for Fleet Foxes. Nothing more. They were decent.


After waiting an hour at the stage cause we didn’t want to lose our spots, FLEET FOXES PERFORMED AND THEY WERE AMAZING. My favorite music of the weekend.


They played most of the crowd favorites, and a good mix of their new and old stuff.


This lead singer was also very funny, which goes a long way.



The show got pretty epic, partly because everyone could sing along a lot because a lot of the lyrics are repetitive.



Arcade Fire was the reason a lot of people bought tickets at all, and I’ll give it to them–heck of a show.


I don’t much like their music, except for “Wake Up,” which after they played, I left. But this show was unique in that it was the final and ONLY headliner for Sunday, so EVERYONE came to this concert.


It may not look like it, but I had a really good spot because I essentially didn’t move anywhere from 4:30 to 8:30, when the show started.


Thousands of people were there, and it was the most squished concert in which I have ever taken part.


Really cool concert, they’re great performers, but I was too squished and didn’t like the music enough for it to be worth it.


“Wake Up” was epic though.

ACL Pictures: Day III

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