Fantasy Football: Week Three Wrap-up

I won my matchup this week, by a harrowingly narrow margin, and I can really only thank God, or if he doesn’t influence Fantasy Football, then thank Tony Romo, or Tom Brady, or Ahmad Bradshaw, or someone, because I. Lucked. Out.

I had a pretty good week again, Tom Brady and Ahmad Bradshaw led the way for me with 27 and 22 points, respectively. Neither of those point values is mind-blowing, but both are good solid games from players whom I need to score consistently. I also racked up 20 points from the Ravens Defense as they clamped down on the Rams, but aside from those three, I didn’t have anyone score over twenty points.

I started Cam Newton for the first time, but he didn’t have that great of a game, despite his team getting the win. The inclement weather in which he played almost certainly affected the play-calling, but I’ve read that Newton struggled to find receivers, and not because of the rain. To punish my infidelity, Mark Sanchez–my usual starter whom I benched and replaced with Newton–scored around 25, a great game for any quarterback and especially Sanchez.

Frank Gore had another abysmal game, and on top of his poor performance, may have injured himself in a manner that fantasy owners hate: the “slight bruise” that lingers and constantly causes players to underperform, but still claim that they are ready to go. Personally, I like a player to get hurt, rest and recover, and then return, instead of playing the remainder of the season at half-temp. T

Thomas Jones, one of the running backs from KC I got in the trade with Mike, played pitifully, and I don’t plan on starting him this week., I didn’t expect much from him though, and I will replace him with Colston or Hernandez when they convalesce.

Speaking of my trade with Mike, Greg Jennings had a great game with over sixteen points, while Jackson–the player I traded away–had half that amount. For this week at least, it looks like I made the right choice.

Nelson, Davis, and Henderson all performed adequately. Davis had a game that hopefully will foreshadow future performances, because Davis had been under-targeted so far, and in this game ws frequented by Alex Smith’s pigskin kisses. Henderson didn’t do well enough to ease my fear of starting him, and I plan on replacing him as soon as I find a more reliable option.

I stand at 2-1 now, with the third most points scored total in the league. I’m still making tweaks and have been blessed to not have any serious injuries to players. I play Phil Erikson, who has been the sob story of the league. He drafted Arian Foster first round and has been weeping ever since. Foster might return this week, though, and I’d be bummed to find out my team is his welcoming party. Still, Phil’s team is so dilapidated I think that by this time next week I’ll be 3-1.

Fantasy Football: Week Three Wrap-up

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