Midterm Week

This last week was an exceptionally busy week for me because all of UT was taking midterms, and I had a few tests and a project to do myself. In addition to the tests and projects, I just feel like I’ve been busy with YoungLife and everything that entails, and busy with other things like the cooking class I’ll be doing tomorrow. Long story short: I didn’t have a lot of time to blog this week, but I did have some very notable things happen.

The school: I had a Geography test, a Geography project, a Mythology quiz, and Philosophy test, and a Western Civilizations test this week, in addition to some pretty gnarly Logic homework that really stressed me out. I did well on the Geography test, but it was probably the most straightforward of all my tests. Regardless, it’s comforting to have a really high grade as a bedrock for a class in which there are very few grades. I did passably well on the Mythology quiz, but they’re always insanely hard: 5 questions, very hard to distinguish which choice is the most right, and every week they cover hundreds of pages of boring reading. I spent the most time this week studying for my Philosophy test because I knew it was going to be a whale of an endeaver, and unique too–most people don’t do in-class essay tests for Philosophy. The test’s only subject was Plato’s “The Republic,” but we were quizzed over the ideas and notions in it of course, not just the words on the page. One thing that really comforts me is that I know “The Republic” really well now; I can explain Socrates’ ideas to my friends and families, and I feel like I grasp the point of the book. So, if I don’t do well on the test I’m not mad at myself, because I know the information. In a situtation like that, I have to question the efficacy of the test. I love that excuse though because it always give you a loophole. “Ya, I knew the material but the test just didn’t assess the material in a way that corresponds with the way I feel most comfortable and at ease talking about the information.” It’s a bit of a cop-out. Still, I think it applies in this situation. The final test I had was on Friday, which was awesome, because when I was finished then such a mental load was taken off my mind and I could really enjoy my weekend. The test was Western Civ, and I really liked the test. It was one of those situations where he gives you a big list of vocabulary and essay questions, and then he picks four and one respectively, for you to write about in a Blue Book. So you have to be prepared to know and talk about everything, so you learn everything. When test day comes you know everything, but, you’re not surprised by some dumb trick that the teacher put on the test to really get ya. All it is a regurgitation of facts that by the time you take the test, are firmly encalcitrated in your mind. So, I did well on that.

The other crazy things that happened this week are that we had YoungLife club at Chuck E. Cheese’s, I shared a meal with Hayleigh and another one with a freshman YL’er named Francisco, I celebrated Justin’s birthday, I went to a Catholic Bible Study for the first time, I went to another Travis football game, I emailed a farm in Portland about working there this summer, I went to FMP, I put up fliers and am getting prepped for my cooking class tomorrow, I spent three great mornings at Travis, and I helped Sean launch his blog. An absolutely amazing week that left me blessedly drained.

This weekend I went and finally bought Soymilk, I did the write-ups and prepared for Fantasy this weekend, I put together my lesson plan for the rest of my cooking class, I realized that I do actually have homework this week, I went to a frat party with Mike, I hung out with Jessica Guerra who was in Austin with a bunch of really fun people, I played paintball with some guys from the UCC, I played FIFA 12 which I’ll review later, I went to a party with some friends last night, and now I’m going to a rally at the Capitol for labeling of GMO foods. I’ll take some pics.

Amazing week! I’ll have some posts about FIFA, paintball, and the protest later.

Midterm Week

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