Fantasy Football Trade: The Sequel

Last season I made two trades the entire year, and they were both in the first three weeks of the season: one gave me Steven Jackson, and one gave me Arian Foster. This year I’ve already made two trades, and I think there may be more to come in the future as teams grow more open to the idea of proposing and reviewing trades, a notion that didn’t really exist last year.

My first trade this year has worked out in almost the exact way I thought it would. Greg Jennings, whom I received after giving away Vincent Jackson, has been huge, consistent, and unstoppable. The man I gave up for him–Jackson–has been below-average (for him), and is teetering on the injury cliffs. That part of the trade went splendidly. The other part, the much, much less crucial part, hasn’t worked out, but I didn’t think it would, nor was it important that it did. I gave up Jonathan Stewart, who was at General  Motor’s production levels (terrible), in return for Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones. The friend with whom I was trading, Mike, had Deangelo Williams, and so he really benefitted from having Stewart. Neither McCluster nor Jones turned out well at all, and I’ve released them both. Still, Stewart was nothing to me, and as long as Jennings outplays Jackson, I’ll be a happy camper.

The most recent trade I made remains one that I am demonstrably less sure will work out for me. I traded Marques Colston and Aaron Hernandez. Colston is one week returned from an injury that had kept him out since his pitiful week one performance. Hernandez had been shredding with New England, but hurt his knee and hasn’t played for two weeks. In his absence, the other New England TE, Gronkowski, has seized the day and looks like one of the best TE prospects in the game now. When I made the trade, both players were on my bench. BUT, I was looking to put them back into my starting lineup if they got better, because I trust them more than players like Eric Decker, David Nelson, or Julio Jones. Colston should have his coming out party this week, and if Hernandez picks up where he left off, I’ll be surprised and peeved.

So I gave up Colston and Hernandez; who did I receive in turn? Jahvid Best of the Detroit Lions. He is their sole running back, which is almost enough to merit starting time in today’s “cuff-em” coaching mentality. Best has not had enough carries to look amazing this season, but his Lions have had to play from behind each game, and so that means more passing and less running, so Best’s numbers are not the…best. Also, he is not huge, and so can’t always punch the ball in when he’s in the red-zone. All that said, he has still managed to get enough points to be the 12th highest grossing running back in the league. Best has involved himself through the passing game and capitalizing on every opportunity he gets. If Best can stay injury-free, and the Lions can stop playing from behind, I think the trade will validate itself; if not, I may have made the first mistake of my life.

Fantasy Football Trade: The Sequel

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