The Red River Rivalry OR My Weekend in Dallas

Wow, I can’t remember the last time there was such a long break in between posts, but I’ve been busy off the ying-yang lately, as school seems to be unrelenting and quickly moving. On top of school, I was in Dallas all weekend with a group of my friends to watch the University of Texas vs. Oklahoma football game, otherwise known as the Red River Rivalry. The game is held in Dallas because Dallas is almost exactly half way between the two cities of Austin, TX and Norman, OK. The drive was pretty gnarly, even though me, Sean, Mike, and Charlie left around one in the afternoon. We got there at about six, although we did take three breaks–one very long one in Waco to eat and see our friend Luke Harle. We got to Dallas and picked up Ashley, Sean’s girlfriend, and then went out to dinner at a sports-bar like place that had no vegetarian options at all. Every thing on the menu had meat. Not that I expect a lot of intentional vegetarian options, but I’m surprised when I don’t find at least one option that isn’t “accidentally” vegetarian.

After that we went to Young Life rave which was really funny, because a lot of the funniest dancers are in Young Life, and so everyone was being ridiculous and having a really good time. Bad news was it only lasted for an hour and a half, which we didn’t expect. So we were finished with that around eleven and basically climbed trees and did other hood-rat things on the SMU campus till around midnight, then we went home. We were staying at Patrick’s sister’s house, and there were about twelve guys altogether, so the housing situation was pretty ridiculous. Clothes everywhere, air-mattresses everywhere you step, and phone chargers and toiletries around every corner. It was mostly guys from my Small Group in YoungLife, but a few of the guys weren’t, but I knew everyone to begin with, even if they were in another group. The group bonding itself was worth the trip, and I laughed so hard with thsoe guys. Mike, Sean, and I have been saying to each other this week how much fun the whole trip was, and I’d wager the reason for the unexpected frivolity was the group of guys.

Saturday morning we got up pretty early and everyone went about their own way of getting tickets for the railtrain, the Texas State Fair, and the football game. I went with Sean, Mike, Ashley, and Amy and had an absolutely hands down amazing time. We decided to not get tickets to the game, but to just go to the fair and watch the game at our leisure on tv’s. We realized in hindsight how good of a decision we made just because the game was torturous to watch. My group walked around and mostly just spent our money on what the Fair is famous for: fried food.

20111011-162515.jpgWe had: fried oreos, fried snickers, fried banana with chocolate sauce, the original “corny dog,” fried guacamole, fried tofu, and fried chicken in a flapjack. The only thing we didn’t try that I wanted to try was fried butter. I knew there was fried bubblegum out there somewhere, but it–along with fried salsa–was not something I wanted to try.20111011-162521.jpg

The foods were really fun and I’m glad I skirted my vegan-ways for a bite of corn dog and fried chicken, cause those are once in a lifetime experiences. My favorite was the fried snickers, but I’m not going to lie, none of the food was as good as I had imagined it would be. I would have preferred most of those food’s non-fried counterparts, except for that I would prefer a corndog to a hotdog weiner. I think the most tasty route is the savory, melty things like the snickers and the oreos, because too sweet of things like the banana don’t turn out well in my opinion. The corndog and fried chicken were common-place, the tofu just tasted like barbeque sauce, and the guacamole was unique, but not better than regular guacamole. I was happy with how many things we got to try, and I hope to go back next year and get fried butter, which I hear is actually really good.20111011-162526.jpg

There were other things to do at the fair like look at the “Exhibit Room,” where vendors were selling things that don’t belong at state fairs, like blenders, grandfather clocks, mattresses, and artwork. We also took pictures with Big Tex, watched a little of the game, went inside a crazy greenhouse, looked at (but didn’t play) the games, and spent a lot of time sitting down. Our experience was a lot better because the majority of the crowd was in the stadium, and when thee game got out, things got really hectic and we left.

We completed the hour long process of getting home, where we proceeded to shower and decompress for a little bit. After that, Sean, Ashley, and some other people went to the Taylor Swift concert and me and the other guys went out to eat. After we ate we came home and did one of my favorite things in the world: campfire. They had cigars, which I have discovered I really don’t like, and we joshed around with each other in Pat’s backyard.

The next morning everyone went home at their own speed; we left around ten after eating with Ashley, and we were home around two. The weekend was awesome and I was drained, but I had two very big tests that Tuesday (today), so there was no break. I’ve basically been studying for the last forty-eight hours, and now, finally, I have time to exhale.


The Red River Rivalry OR My Weekend in Dallas

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