Fantasy Report: Week VI

I came away with another victory this weekend, and it was mostly because of my trade for Javhid Best and his subsequent 160 yard game on Monday night. There is no way I could have predicted he’d have the game he had, but I made the situation for Best pretty comfortable. Coming into Monday night I was losing by ten points, but my opponent had no one in the Monday night game, so his score was fixed. Mine on the other hand, was subject to the performances of Best and the Lion’s Defense, both of whom held up well. I won another week, and I again had one of the highest point totals of the week, this time third highest. I feel bad for my opponents, because the last three weeks they have been narrowly losing to me in a high-scoring shootout. I know how frustrating it is to have a great week and score a lot of points, only to lose because the team you’re playing just happened to have an incredible week. I seem to be the “guy having the incredible week,” on a weekly basis. I have the second most points of the entire season, with the most points scored against me. If anybody else were in my situation (except for the one guy in the league scoring more than me), than they would be having a rough season. Luckily, I’m firing on all cylinders.

At this point, my team looks the most formidable it has all season, despite bye weeks forcing me to play some bench-level players. My two quarterbacks, Brady and Newton, are the number two and three leading quarterback scorers in the league. My running backs, Gore, Bradshaw, and Best are all playing well and finally starting to all get the numbers I’d expected from them. My main problem now is receivers. If everyone were through with bye weeks, my receiving corps would be: Eric Decker, Greg Jennings, Julio Jones, and Vernon Davis. Decker and Jones are too green for me to want to start every week, and this week Decker is on bye week and Jones is minorly injured, so I’m playing Donald Jones and an unheard of TE from Cleveland named Benjamin Watson. I do not want to be playing Benjamin Watson. So, I’m trying to work out a deal with Matt White where I trade him Cam Newton and he trades me a good receiver and someone else, maybe a second-tier receiver or running back. I have backups for Newton, and I’m still not sold that he’ll be this good all season, so I think selling him high for a reliable receiver like Hakeem Nicks along with someone else would be a great choice. If I can swing this trade, I will have one of the top two teams in the league.

My starting lineup:

Tom Brady

Cam Newton

Frank Gore

Ahmad Bradshaw

Javid Best

Donald Jones

Greg Jennings

Benjamin Watson

Vernon Davis

Ravens’ D

Texans’ D

Fantasy Report: Week VI

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Report: Week VI

  1. playing Texans D even with Mario Williams out? And with Josh Smith out for surgery are you not worried that Vernon Davis will acquire all the defensive attention?

  2. I would prefer to start the Lion’s D, but they’re playing San Fran, and I depend on Gore and Vernon D, so I don’t want my positive points from them to hurt my d :/
    And I’ll assume you mean Josh Morgan for my answer: Alex Smith will have fewer mouths to feed

    1. yes, wrong smith. But that’s how I look at it too. Vernon has a lower projection b/c they expect increased defense on him, but you don’t put your best DBs on a tight end, so I predict him to still have a great game. What do I care though, I’m 5-0.

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