Paradise Regained

I always knew that I would find myself the proud father of a plot at the UT Community Garden, I just didn’t know that I would find out so unexpectedly!

20111013-203806.jpgI had a plot last year–the innaugural year–of the Community Garden, but I had to abandon the plot when I left for the summer. My plot was bought up by someone, and when I came back to UT, all the plots were purchased. I put my name on the waiting list and hoped that in the future I would return.

Last night at the Campus Environmental Comittee meeting, I was talking with the Director of the UT Community Garden, Christina Leal (my future wife). No joke, she’s beautiful. Anyway, I reminded her that I was patiently waiting for a plot, because she was hoping I would come help with the gardens. I told her I would be there everyday if I had a plot, as she well remembered from last Spring when we saw each other a couple times a week on work-days.

Then, not knowing the level to which her words lifted my soul, she said: “It’s weird, someone actually had to move, and so their plot just vacated today. Want it?”

My heart stopped.

She went on:

“There’s a waiting list, and there’s people ahead of you, but you’re enthusiastic, you’re here, I know you; it’s yours.”

I died.

It’s dumb really, giving me a plot of land when I have no need or method of utilizing fresh produce, but that’s the least of my worries. I can give the produce away to homeless, or my friends, or Dobie–that’s not the point. I’m just happy to have another chance to put my money where my mouth is and farm.

I’m taking over someone’s plot, and so it’s already growing food, most of which looked like corn. I’m a numbskull, and so naturally I didn’t take a picture of my plot, but I will soon. You can see it in one of the pictures. My plot is the one with the wooden beams that look like gymnastic rails that form a widely spaced roof.

Christina said the plot needs work though; she said it needs weeding, pulling the St. Augustine grass, and more soil. I will take care of all those things in due time, but for now, the pleasure of watering an 8’x10′ garden plot is back, and I’m ecstatic.






Paradise Regained

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