Daniel Stenberg is Twenty-One!

To celebrate the commemoration of the birth of my only brother, whom I love copiously, my mom and dad picked me up early Saturday morning to go to the Agriculture and Mechanical School of Texas.

We arrived early and my parents dropped me off at the Texas A&M vs. Baylor game, the last time these two teams will play each other in a Big 12 game. One of these two teams is leaving for the SEC, but I won’t say which one, I’ll just say that their name rhymes with Schmexas Pay Land Dim.


We had great seats: second section, under a cement covering so there was shade, a nice breeze blowing through the back, and plenty of ornery Aggies.

Funny thing is, I wore my Baylor shirt and pretended that I was a Baylor Bear. I pretended so well that a real Bear thought I went to Baylor, and so he and I engaged in a lot of boisterous chanting for “our” team.

So boisterous in fact, that some seditious Aggies called security on us, probably because one of us was drunk. They checked everyone’s ticket, and oops, my ticket is for Track Seating.

I was escorted through throngs of Aggies who hissed at me as I defiantly yelled for the Bears to “Sic ‘Em.”


Security guard leading me to my new seats.


My new seats!

Pretty cool actually, especially considering I only had to be there for the last five minutes of the fourth quarter.


After the game, everyone went and cleaned up and went out to dinner. We went to a nice place in downtown Bryant and had a swanky dinner. I didn’t go gaga for my food, but the experience was awesome. I loved the atmosphere and now I just love every opportunity I get to share a meal with them.

Later we ate some of my mom’s homemade German Chocolate Cake–best thing I ate all weekend.


Later that night I went to hang out with some of my Aggie friends. Daphnee, Jessica, Christina and I went out to a party and hung out all night, and I had a good ol’ fashion Texas A&M night, without any of the actual Aggie stuff, like ho’s down, and tipping cows.

The next morning we went to Hullabaloo’s!


A famous local eatery that has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Their food portions were enormous! and tasty!

But their main sctick was that the whole place was an “old-fashioned diner,” mostly because it was in a diner car. The space was a little cramped, and we were clearly being rushed, but the Stenbergs hunkered down, bunkered up, ate way too much, and loved every minute of it.


After, we went to a park to open my brother’s gifts. Normally we’re not super spontaneous, but this idea (my dad’s) worked out so well. The day was beautiful, we were pleasantly stuffed, and I couldn’t have been happier doing anything else.


Daniel Stenberg is Twenty-One!

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