Ok, Now Paradise Regained

Before I regain my Paradise, I’m going to have to do some work though, sort of the opposite of Adam and Eve if you think about it.

You see, I had been watering the wrong garden plot the entire time! Somehow I knew that was going to happen.

The good news: Christina had told me that the plot I received had grass in it and needed resoiling, but the one I had been watering didn’t have grass. The plot that is actually mine does indeed have grass, egregious amounts of green grass. So, since I’m removing all the dirt and planting anew, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t been watering it.

The bad news: I’ll have to work pretty hard just to get my plot ready, whereas most people just have to purchase their starter plants, that will be my last step. I have to derascinate all the current plants, take out all the soil and cardboard, re-cardboard, buy and fill with new soil, and then I can plant.

At this point, I’m at the “remove all the old dirt and vegetables” stage. It’ll probably take me another two hours of work to get all of the dirt out, and the cardboard part won’t be hard. The hard part will be finding the time to buy dirt and convince Sean to let me use his truck to haul it. I don’t know when I’m going to do that, but one thing at a time, right?

For now, I have to focus on digging holes, Holes style.


After I discovered that I’d been watering the wrong plot, and then I uprooted everything, happily


The plot I thought was mine


I moved a lot of dirt, to the point where I’d reckon I’m half-way finished


From the other side


All the dirt I moved, because I feel like I need to validate the fact that I didn’t finish. It was a lot of work! Get off my back

Ok, Now Paradise Regained

One thought on “Ok, Now Paradise Regained

  1. Dad says:

    First of all, dirt is what gets under your nails and on your clothes…soil is what you plant stuff in.

    That being said, there should be no reason to remove existing dir, er soil. Instead think about enriching the existing soil with compost, topsoil, and or good old cow manure.

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