New Paradise, Regained Again, For the Last Time

I know for readers that it’s probably pretty difficult to makes heads or tails out of what’s going on between the UT Community Garden and me. Yes, we’re going out, but no, we’re not committed to each other.

I’m seeing other plots.

20111022-180153.jpgThe issue was that the plot I got through Christina was kind of a “fixer-upper,” a.k.a. I needed to drop anywhere from $20 to $60 worth of soil in it to grow anything, and that’s without buying the transplants and seeds themselves. I found that out a few days ago, and figured that I would forge on ahead, removing soil from the plot, and planning my next move.

20111022-180203.jpgToday, I told Christina it wasn’t worth it for me. Partly because I don’t want to spend that money on an investment like this, and partly because it’s not even an investment for me because I won’t even be able to use the vegetables. It would be minimum $20 more dollars just for funsies.20111022-180158.jpg

I told her the news, mournfully, and she empathized.

So much so, that she pointed me towards another plot, which had just opened (beginning to sound suspicious). This plot had good soil, good location, and only needed compost, which I could purchase cheaply.

No, I told her, I’m finished, I don’t want to have to buy anything that the other plots didn’t have to buy.

“Oh,” she said, pondering, “fine, you can use some of the community compost.”

Oh joy!

I did some moderate labor: tilling the soil and adding the mulch, and now all I need are plants!

Suggestions on what to grow are  appreciated required.




New Paradise, Regained Again, For the Last Time

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