October, in November

Today is November 2nd, and because the last official day of class this semester is December 2nd, that means that I “officially” have one full month left of school. That full month excludes weekends, Thanksgiving and its accompanying break, and any mental-health days that I decide to take. So, at most, I have around twenty days of school left before we head into finals, which I have always found very fun.

One month of school left? In this whole semester? That’s it?

I know! That was my reaction exactly; I don’t know where the time has gone!

In response to my ignorance, I have tried to calculate where my time has gone, or rather, where I have put it. As you may have seen in my “Archive” section, I have posted fewer times in October than ever before, and many of those posts were videos or “Graphs for Laughs,” because I’ve been blessedly busy. I’m sure that most of my readers would agree that it’s better to be busy living life and not blogging about it, than it is to be blogging about a life that is emptier than you would like. It’s for that reason that I’m not dismayed that I haven’t blogged as much–it’s simply because I’ve had less time to blog, not less about which to blog.

Some of the things that take up my time, in order from most demanding to least demanding (even least demanding still has a lot of demand though, because if it were truly the “least time-demanding thing in my life” then it would be something that I do for a matter of milliseconds. The “least demanding thing” is just something that is demanding of my attention, but at a relatively manageable level). Below is a list of what I’ve been doing and why I’ve been blogging less, but please excuse the vanity that is inherent in this long list of my activities.

I’m working on it.

Number one: School. The classes that are the most time-consuming in order from least to greatest are Philosophy, Mythology, Western Civ, Geography, and then Logic. This week the order has been skewed, as Mythology and Western Civ share first place, then Geography, Philosohpy, and Logic. I’m not doing astoundingly in Logic, there’s just very little to do.

Number two: YoungLife. YL is an umbrella term for a large group of things that I do that are YL related, including: plan for Club/weekly meetings, Club, visit the school, contact work with kids, pray for kids, text and call kids, organize and run a Campaigners,attend Small Group every Tuesday, organize and run a Cooking Class, and attend various kooky YoungLife things like Formal.

Number three: Clubs. This category is helter-skelter and hodge-podge, because I already listed some things that are technically “clubs.” I include in this one the two Bible Studies that I attend, my YoungLife one and my Catholic one. Other clubs include my Community Garden Club, where I spend at least three hours a week doing work on the area and watering my newly planted crops, the Campus Environmental Committee, Plan II Advising, the Food Studies Club, and various volunteer things I am elected to do at the UCC, like lead RCIA dismissal. I hope to include KIPP Tutoring on Thursday if that girl ever calls me back about carpooling.

Number four: Running. Now we’re getting into smaller things, but as the Rock n Roll half-marathon approaches (next weekend!), I have been trying to run more. Since my runs take around an hour each time, and I do them a few times a week, it adds up to a significant portion of time. Not included in this estimate: the amount of time I spend senselessly worrying about my performance in the half.

Number five: Plan II and Other Academic Rigors. Plan II has made me do a lot of extraneous work lately, mostly for the Sophomore Summit. I had to type out a newly minted resume’ and answer a large questionnaire, and I am also constantly thinking about Normandy Scholars, including their meetings and travel dates. Yesterday I completed and submitted an application of Study Abroad scholarship that I hope is fruitful, and I am going to write a brief write-up for the History Dept.’s newspaper in hopes of getting some resume’ fodder.

Number six: Social Butterfly Swag. Self-explanatory.

Sorry for all the pride and vanity that this post contains, I’d be surprised if anyone could make it through this post without gagging. I’m proud of all the activities I’m doing, but I’m trying to desire less the approval of others. If you made it to this point, then thank you, and know that hopefully they’ll be less of these posts, and you can just ask me what I’m doing!

October, in November

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