Young Life Formal

Young Life Formal is an annual Young Life fundraiser that you have to be a leader to attend; I know that because last year I was a valet for the party, and didn’t get to enjoy the the actual shindig, but could see the swanky from outside.

This year, I shook the hands of the valets and told them to be patient. Soon it would all be worth it.

Young Life parties are always hosted in a very swanky locale, and this time it was in a decked out barn.


The picture is good, but I stopped taking photos after that because I danced, nonstop, for nearly two and a half hours.

Here is the group I ate dinner beforehand with, at Maudie’s, a pleasantly enjoyable Mexican place with good vegan options.


The theme was Formal Western.

There was a lot of food, and I distinctly remember wanting to try some, because last year they had cake-balls, which were the food-fad of the moment. I didn’t get around to the food though, if that’s any testament to how much fun it is to dance with Young Life leaders.

Here is a picture my friend took with her nice camera.










The most fun I’ve had in awhile, even though I got back really late, really tired, and really sweaty.

So fun. Such a blessing.

Young Life Formal

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