On the Eve of My Half-Marathon

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 I’ll take off for my first ever half-marathon.

And for some reason, I have no emotion about it at all.

That will all change tomorrow morning, I’m sure. But now: ehh





This was the runner’s expo at the Alamodome.

All runners and bikers (Dad) have to go to pick up their race packets in person.

It’s extremely important that you go in person or you won’t have a chance to waste your time avoiding all the things you wouldn’t have thought about buying had you not been corralled inside a large arena filled with colorful booths whose vendors yell at you and ask how you are and offer you samples of snack bars that taste like blueberry cardboard.

Also: SWAG


I’ll definitely blog about my experience tomorrow, because I’m thinking it will be pretty funny.

Spoiler alert: I think a porta-potty will be involved.


This is the number you will see receiving FIRST PLACE, SON


How running makes me feel, no joke.

On the Eve of My Half-Marathon

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