The Cove

I went to “The Cove” this afternoon with my parents to get some lunch, because we were already in the downtown area. I had been before, and so I was really excited to play Virgil on their trek through SOL Hell.

SOL =  Sustainable, Organic, Local

Michael Sohocki the head chef who created “The Cove,” which, by the way, is not at all related to the movie about dolphin murder. Sohocki’s menu is centered on local, organic food. His menu is creative and allows for seasonal flux, so you get different things depending on when you go.


The staples are things like his hamburgers, sandwiches, and desserts, but “The Cove” also has a lot–a lot–of vegan, Gluten Free, and vegetarian options, which are awesome.

The place has been featured on the Food Network’s show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” where the host, Guy Fieri, announced that the Lamb Burger, was “the best he’d ever had.”

Quite a claim.

If you want to look at the menu, you can do so here.

Their “Texas Burger” was ranked the #1 hamburger in San Antonio by the Texas Monthly.

Also, the place is famous for its fish tacos, which I know my mom loves. But for some reason, she didn’t order them…curious


They get all their bread from a local bakery!


They only serve soda made with real sugar!


They sell t-shirts if that’s what you’re into?


And their outside seating, when the weather is nice (obvi), is fantastic.

Great family environment. They have a little ping-pong table, basketball hoop, dogs abound.



Check it out!

The seasonal salad is great, and is made with veggies that are being sold that week at farmer’s markets.

But if you’re into eating animals and stuff, this is a fantastic way to consume animal flesh that has been organically and sustainably raised, and is local!


The Cove

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