San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half-Marathon

If you’ve wondered about doing a half-marathon, stop wondering. Run one. Immediately. This afternoon. Right now. Stop reading and go run 13.1 miles.


Tell me how it was. Mine was amazing.

Did you run yours in 2:02? I did. But if you’re like me, you’re a little dissapointed because you wanted to run it under two hours.

Oh well, next time. Cause there will be a next time.







The race officially started at 7:30, but they did a wave start, and I was near the end, so I didn’t take off until a little after eight. The weather was murky and humid when I began, which stank. It soon turned sunny and breezy, and that just made the mood even cheerier.

Everyone was in such a good mood. The spectators–the people who lined the streets holding signs and clapping for us–made the ambiance so much better. They’re so positive, and as a runner, you appreciate them so much.


It was seriously one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done.

I love running, I do, but sometimes practice runs are uninspired. That’s life.

I was on my toes for thirteen miles; I didn’t get tired once. I was so caught in the moment, every moment, for two hours, that it never really hit me how far I’d run.

I’d never run farther than eleven miles, but for some reason, the distance didn’t even faze me. All I focused on was my awesome playlist, the cool sights we were seeing, the people, and salt packets, and my toes getting cramped.


Sights we ran by: First Presbyterian Church, San Antonio Express News Printing Building, Lulu’s Cafe, the Alamo, the Space Needle, the Alamodome, through King William District, Central Catholic and Providence high schools (CC was my high school’s rival), and the Riverwalk.

People I saw whom I recognized: Mark Schwaze, Jorge Albuerto, a friend from college, Dr. Harle, and of course–my parents!

They didn’t run, but my dad biked the marathon, and my mom was an awesome driver and organizer, without her nothing would have worked.


It started near Hemisfair Park, which is where Occupy San Antonio is!



It was just me and 39,999 other people Sunday morning.


The FINAL stretch of the race (last .2), and my dad nailed the pic.

I was so happy.

And I was blazing past people.

Best run ever.


San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half-Marathon

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