Cliff the College Apologist

Cliff is a traveling Christian apologist who goes from college campus to college campus welcoming debate over theological questions.

He stands out in a public area for five days in a row, from noon till four, and welcomes people to ask him questions that he attempts, usually successfully to answer.

These questions, naturally, turn into debates.


From what I’ve seen and heard, Cliff manages to keep things very civil between him and the person who debates with him, but I could imagine sometimes the debates probably get pretty unruly.

Only one person is allowed to debate with him at a time, and so it takes a lot of courage to stand and ask him a question. I give kudos to skeptics who have the courage and conviction to think they can prove him wrong, but from what I’ve seen, he never is proved “wrong.”

Certain issues cannot really be resolved in a sense, and so those issues are just left hanging at the end of possible debate, but I’ve never seen Cliff been overturned.

In fact, I would want to think of a very unique question for Cliff if I ever asked, because I’m sure he’s heard just about everything.


This is his strategy as best as I can tell:

Make the other person realize that morality cannot be relative.

That morality is given from God who is the ultimate good.

That God therefore exists.

And Jesus is the most good, compassionate, believable, form of God that has ever been realized.

Cliff believes in Jesus because of His teachings, and he invites you to do so as well.


I watched him with two of my Catholic friends with me, both of whom are very well-versed in Catholic theology.

They agreed with everything Cliff said.


Cliff the College Apologist

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