Le Cordon Bleu

This morning some of my friends accompanied me to a meeting I had with a representative from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School here in Austin.

I had contacted some cooking schools in the area for “more information,” and three of them called me very quickly.

(I don’t mention it because I’m at all important, but just that I really appreciated how eager they were to talk to me).


The representative from Le Cordon Bleu invited me to check out their Thanksgiving Day cooking exhibition, and he promised to talk to me about details like tuition and classes.

First things first, though: how to properly cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.

There were three seminars, but me and friends only watched one. I only watched a part of one, actually, because I ducked out to go speak with the representative with whom I had been talking, Ben.


Apparently, a professional chef would never cook a turkey whole.


He says that the turkeys are too uneven in thickness and heat reception, and so cooking them whole leaves certain parts, like the turkey breast, dry and tastless because they’re overcooked simply because of their location on the bird.

So, he showed us how to dissasemble a turkey and to create a tasty brine.

Apparently, the finished product was delish.


This is what the place looked like inside.

There are seven kitchens, and the whole thing looks very “modern.” In fact, it reminds me of my home Methodist church, UUMC.

Is it a good or bad sign that cooking school makes me think of church?


These are what the classrooms look like.


This is the room where I had to wait for like twenty minutes.


The meeting more than made up for it, though.


Le Cordon Bleu

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