Fantasy Football Playoffs

I’ve limped pathetically into Fantasy Playoffs, but my performance in the beginning and middle of the season secured me the #5 seed in our seven-man playoff bracket. During the beginning of the season my team was firing on all cylinders, but then Bradshaw, Best, and Gore all got hurt. I thought that none of the injuries were serious enough to prevent them from playing well, so I hesitated to trade my wounded players away for healthy–but less talented–players.

So, I kept a pack of wounded dogs on my bench and started scrubs for close to three weeks, and subsequently lost four straight games. Suck Fest.

Hopefully Bradshaw is back this week; Gore has already returned and been great, and I traded away Cam Newton awhile ago so I could shore up my line-up.

If I get Bradshaw back for this game, I’ll have one of the best teams in the league, and if Best ever finds his way back from his concussion, I will have the best team in the League without a doubt. However, at this point I can confidently say I am in the top-three, but my playoff-bracket path is not easy.

This first week I play Trip, against whom I have a good chance because the poor man just has terrible luck. His quarterbacks are injured (Vick) or playing the Steelers (Dalton). He finally gets Andre Johnson back, and then the Texans lose two quarterbacks in a row. His tight ends are top quality (Gronkowski and Gates), and his running backs are impressive (Blount and Turner), but he is not near his full potential. Hopefully I play him and dispatch him.

The following week would bring Matt White, who has the only “bye-wee” in our playoff bracket.

My lineup at this point is:

QB: Tom Brady

QB: Mark Sanchez

RB: Frank Gore

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw (backup = James Starks)

RB: Maurice Morris (please come back, Jahvid!)

WR: Marques Colston

WR: Greg Jennings

WR/TE: Vernon Davis

TE: Aaron Hernandez

D: Ravens

D: Texans

Fantasy Football Playoffs

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