Will McCraney: Redhead, My Roomate, & UT Diver

One of my four roomates, Will McCraney, is on the UT Swimming and Diving team, and they finally had a meet here in Austin this evening.

Mike, Sean, and I attended, along with Will’s family and his girlfriend.


Will is such an inspiring guy, and an exemplary roomate, and–considering he was the only unknown in our roomate equation–I don’t think we could have gotten a better guy.


I didn’t mean that he’s not a good roomate, but that we didn’t know him, so he was a risk.

Honestly though, he’s an amazing guy and having him be a roomate with us is such a blessing.


He doesn’t talk to us a lot about diving because we don’t see each other much because of our schedules.

So when we talk, I don’t want to risk making small-talk.


But he’s always diving: he wakes up at 5:30 every morning to dive. He comes home every night around nine. I don’t see him in between that time period. He is always, always diving.

Also, in his spare-time, he does College Young Life and is an Mechanical Engineering Major.


He’s pretty much the perfect Longhorn, on top of being the perfect person.

But the fact remained: we’d never seen him dive before!

So, we jumped at the opportunity to see him today.


And my boy Will doesn’t just compete, my boy gets FIRST PLACE.

Hook Them, Indeed.


Will McCraney: Redhead, My Roomate, & UT Diver

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