Fantasy Playoffs: Round II

I defeated Trip in the first round of Fantasy Football playoffs, and now there are only four teams left in contention for the Title.

Matt White and I are playing, and the winner of our game will most likely win the Championship.

In the games this weekend, Matt had a bye week because he was the #1 overall seed, but his team still scored more points than any other team vying for the Championship. He is clearly the front-runner at this point, and if I don’t beat him, I don’t think anyone will.

In a huge upset, Michael Healey–first-time Fantasy player and best friend of mine–defeated a wiley veteran, Erik, and moved onto the next round. It would be even more unlikely that Michael dispatches Philip McBride, who has a juggernaut of a team, but Mike has proven that he’s unpredictable.

The matchups stands as follows: Matt White vs. Me; Philip McBride vs. Michael

I predict that the Championship will be Matt vs. McBride, but I’ll let you know what happens.

As of now my Fantasy line-up is:

QB: Tom Brady

QB: Mark Sanchez

RB: Frank Gore

RB: Maurice Morris (Jahvid Best isn’t coming back I think)

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw

WR: Greg Jennings

WR: Erik Decker (or Julio Jones)

WR: Marques Colston

TE: Aaron Hernandez

D: Texans

D: Ravens

Fantasy Playoffs: Round II

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