See how I made you think something over than what you should have thought? Ha!

I’ve finished the fall semester of my sophomore at the University of Texas, and now I’m back–without any vengeance–in San Antonio.

And what would you expect me to do on my first day back, then bake?

Well, other things, yes, and I did do some other things, yes. But I did bake!


Staple: White Sandwich Bread

For Dinner: Garlic and Rosemary pull-apart rolls (with dinner, not for dinner)

(maybe for dinner)


Mmmm Amish bread tastes almost as good candy…amish, but not quite

(comment if you understood that joke, I’m trying to get a point of reference for how punny I can be)


I made them because I just ROLLED out of Austin.

Too much?

They’re tasty, though. Come on over and have some!


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