Fantasy Playoffs: Week III

The title makes it seem like I didn’t lose last week, and I made it that way intentionally.

I think, honestly, God was trying to teach me that I am too attached to Fantasy Football.

Ok, I don’t really think that, but the way I lost seemed like SOMETHING divinely intervened for Matt.

The basic gist of what happens won’t knock your socks off, but as it happened–blow by blow–I was on an emotional rollercoaster.

It started out on Thursday night because there was a TNF game of the Steelers vs. the Browns if you remember. Matt White has Ben Roethilsberger, who ended up playing THROUGH AN ANKLE INJURY to get nineteen points. It was both unfortuitous and foreshadowing.

Sunday rolls around and Matt’s team leads mine by Big Ben’s 19 points, which is a fairly good quarterback score. Not great, but Big Ben has been known to do worse, and it was less comforting to see Matt start out well than not well, obviously.

Then my team starts rolling. Brady puts up twenty-seven points–a great game. Sanchez gets FOUR touchdowns and ends up with twenty-seven points too–an incredible game for him.Colston grabs TWO touchdowns in the FOURTH quarter and ends up with twenty-six points, astronomical for a receiver. Julio Jones, a flex-play, also grabs TWO touchdowns but on only THREE passes; Jones too ends up with twenty-six points.

I’m freaking out. No one expected this.

So far, this is unbelievable. To have four players score that many points, and they were only my first four playing. I still had the rest of my team!

Hernandez put up ten, just about what was predicted and a respectable amount. My defenses played well and brought me a combined nineteen—a very satisfactory performance.  Frank Gore let me down slightly by only getting fourteen points, but he did have a long run for a touchdown without which his game would have been a disappointment.

Here’s the thing: Matt’s team had done THE EXACT SAME THING. He was getting high, high points out of nowhere. The difference between our performances is that my big numbers came from four players, but his combined big numbers came from all of his players have above average games. ALL of his players. That’s rare.

He had Big Ben get 19, Matthews get 18, Bush get 18, Roddy White get 17, Nicks get 20, Johnson and Tebow got 14 each, and Bear’s D got 14. None of those numbers are as spectacular as any one of mine, but consistency like that is the envy of every team in the League.

So, he had consistency, but I had huge games from four players, and good games from four others. My final three? Ahmad Bradshaw, Maurice Morris, and Greg Jennings, what happened to them?

Divine Intervention happened to them.

Maurice Morris left the game with an injury after scoring me only two points.

Ahmad Bradshaw MISSED CURFEW and could only play the second half, and then on limited carries. He got me two points.

Greg Jennings left the game with an injury after scoring only two points.


Three great players. No way I could have done anything to stop what happened, and no reason for me to not start them. They got me six points, TOTAL. An average game from ONE of them would have been fifteen. They got two apiece.

But it didn’t work out that simple. How it worked was that coming into the SNF game of Cowboys vs. Giants was that I had a fourteen point lead on Matt. He had Nicks playing and I had Bradshaw playing.

All my friends started texting me congrats and Phil told me “he was looking forward to playing me next week.” I told him to stop or he’d jinx it.

Oh, how right I was.

As I was a at a Christmas party I received texts asking why Bradshaw wasn’t playing. WHAT. Turns out he’d only play the second half, and then only get eight carries.

That’s ok, I reasoned, I still have a fourteen point cushion. Nicks (Matt’s receiver) would have to get AT LEAST fourteen points to tie me, and that’s assuming Bradshaw got nothing.

Turns out Bradshaw got close to nothing, and Nicks had seven catches for 154 yards, or 20 points.

Matt beat me. He defeated me 160.4 to 159.4.

One point.

Bradshaw, Morris, and Jennings. All I needed was ONE MORE POINT FROM ANY OF THEM. I got six points total from three of the biggest scorers in the game. And when I needed mediocrity from Matt the most, Nicks gave him greatness.

It all goes back to Big Ben fighting through an ankle injury to get Matt nineteen points. Matt’s players came through for him: Bush, Roethilsberger, Nicks. Mine didn’t.

It just wasn’t meant to be, apparently. But I’m glad I lost to Matt and no one else. And I’m glad I didn’t lie on my stomach and take a defeat. I went out swinging, that’s for sure. Just not everyone on my team decided to swing along with me.

Fantasy Playoffs: Week III

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