2 thoughts on “Noma

  1. Megan Kline says:

    Hi Mark! This is Megan, Zach’s girlfriend! He gave me the name of your blog because I remember him telling me all these cool stories about you and I wanted to read it. Just thought I’d let you know, I admire you and this blog! You seem like such an awesome, great person! I’m so glad you and Zach found each other, and I hope you guys stay friends so I can get to know you guys too!

  2. What the! Thank you so much, Megan, this whole comment made my night last night when I read it. Zach is such a unique guy, and I hope he’s told you how we met, because it’s crazy. I’m pretty sure it was all God, but whatever the cause, he’s definitely one of my best friends now. I can’t wait to get to know him more and hopefully live with him next year, because if you think I’m doing cool things, that guy has an amazing mind and even more importantly he cares a lot about his friends and he’s passionate about the people and things he loves. I don’t know you well, but this comment, and the fact that Zach holds you in such high regard, speak volumes about how captivating you must be. I hope you visit us a lot this semester, and I really appreciate the kind words.

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