I Bought My Banjo

A lot has happened since my “I’m sick” post.

  1. I found out I didn’t have strep throat, just a regular sickness and a weakened throat. Definitely was sick though.
  2. I started working at H.E.B. again
  3. I got a brief three-day trial at Broadway Daily Bread for the 28-30th of December
  4. I read, and was inspired to run barefoot in the rain by, “Born to Run”
  5. I sold my old paintball gear and my guitar to buy a banjo
  6. Christmas is coming up soon I think?
  7. Most important was the second part of number four
  8. (*see banjo purchase)

This post is about my banjo.

20111222-200321.jpgI am going to get lessons when I return to Austin, but starting after Christmas I am going to devote an hour every day to learning the basics.

An hour, more or less.

Every day, more or less.

Inspirations: Avett and his brothers, the sons of Mumford, and a group of Russian anarchists

I’m hoping to create and then #occupy the Banjo hip-hop niche.

What Nike did to sportswear, I’m doing to banjo-flow.


I Bought My Banjo

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