Studying to Bake at Broadway Bread

Tomorrow morning at six a.m. I have my first trial day at Broadway Daily Bread, a local San Antonio bakery.


I hadn’t baked seriously in awhile, at least not anything difficult, so I knew I needed some practice.

I made this Butternut Squash and Onion Galette, despite my brain reminding me that they don’t make anything like this at Broadway.

Or else it would be called Broadway Daily Galettes.


I probably won’t be able to take any pictures tomorrow for two reasons.

One: I’ll be drunk off sleeplessness.

Two: I’ll be baking, seriously, and therefore not taking copious photos.


Ah who I am kidding? I’ll take photos. They’re not paying me anyway.

Stop on by tomorrow if you want to see me completely out of element while being simultaneously very happy.

Hopefully this is that day I look back on and cite as “when it all began.”

Probably not.


Studying to Bake at Broadway Bread

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