Broadway Daily Bread

The bakery was the only place with its lights on, and it was warmer than my car.


They didn’t forget that I was coming in this morning, or at least they played it off well.


I got there at 5:50, and I counted myself as one of the hardcore guys because the bakers show up early, and then the rest of the staff comes in around seven.

Little did I know, the real bakers had been hard at it since 4:00 that morning. And today is one of their slowest days of the year.


I introduced myself to everyone working, and I discovered that most of them are right around my age. I was the youngest, but the oldest worker was just thirty, and most everyone else was a senior in college.

I knew one of the workers, Bobby Korom, and immediately was glad of that because it meant that no one treated me like an stranger.

Or,they just treat strangers very well.


I started out with grunt tasks: transferring muffins, icing cinnamon rolls, cutting brownies and pecan bars, grating carrots, cracking eggs, and assembling boxes.

Then, when it was time to knead the bread, I got my chance to help. I was definitely bad, but I knew more than they expected me to and ended up making myself useful, which surprised everybody.


I got to pretty much eat as I went, and any mistakes are just put as samples for us or customers to eat.

I made a lot of mistakes on the cinnamon rolls.


Customers started rolling in around seven.

Who does that?

People who know how good it smells.

(now me)

[and you]


There are muffins, scones, cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and a lot of bread.

Bread is their specialty.

I got paid in a loaf of bread.


I talked to a lot of the other employees about cooking and baking, and got some good feedback about the profession.

Many people said they didn’t really like baking, which makes no sense to me.

I didn’t get why you would be a baker if you didn’t like it, because baking isn’t like a normal job. It changes your life.

If you’re a baker, you go to bed around seven o’clock and you’re at work by three or four. You work till noon, and then have seven hours left in your day. It changes relationships, schedules, lives–everything.

Why would you submit yourself to that sacrifice if you don’t love it?

No one had a good answer.



I don’t know, but I sure liked it.

Broadway Daily Bread

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