2012 So Far

Here are the key happenings in my life, so far in 2012:

  1. New Year’s Resolutions: Use less toilet paper and be nicer (related?)
  2. Work: continuing at Broadway twice a week, and around thirty hours at H.E.B.
  3. Returning to U.T. next weekend
  4. A girl
  5. Having a “final ht (hot tub)” with my best friends
  6. Wrapping up the Fantasy Football season and GETTING PAID, SON
  7. Bro night with my bros
  8. Read several books already in 2012, including Lapham’s Quarterly “Food”
  9. Had to cancel a family ski-trip (white whine)…
  10. …but that allowed for me to spend this weekend at a ranch with the funniest people alive
  11. Decided to abandon hopes of getting a job at in.gredients because it’s taking them too long to open. Now I’m going to try and get a job at a restaurant
  12. Arranging to meet Audrey Najera in order to get the literature I need for the Normandy Scholar Program, which I begin in a week!
  13. Caught up with old friends
  14. Grew a dank mustache
  15. Gave a lot of thanks to God for how crazy blessed my life is


2012 So Far

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