Twenty-Four Book About World War II

I visited Audrey Najera, my female-mirror, to get most of the books I’d need for the Normandy Scholar Program.

She handed me a Nordstrom bag full of paperback books.


Audrey is my female mirror–or rather I am her male-mirror–because I seem to do everything that she does.



Have the same friends? Check. (Big one)

Go to UUMC? Check.

Be a part of the Clark High School Community? Check. (Her more than me).

Go to UT? Check.

Have a connection to H.E.B? Check. (Her dad works for the company; so do I!)

Get accepted into Plan II? Check. (Big one)

Do the Normandy Scholar Program? Check. (huge one [only twenty people do it a year])

Become a YoungLife leader? Check.

Lead YoungLife at Travis High School? Check. (Huge one)

Be chronically unsure about our futures? Check.


And now she saved me hundreds on books!

I’m really getting excited about NSP, despite the fact that I didn’t get a head-start on the reading like I had hoped I would.

That’s ok, though, because at least in a few months I’ll know a lot about World War II.

And that’s helpful? I think?


Oi vey.

Twenty-Four Book About World War II

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