Animal Sanctuary

Don’t really like this, but to be fair, I don’t think I understand it

Animal Sanctuary

2 thoughts on “Animal Sanctuary

  1. if humans are omnivores, as she says, then why is it that she feels vegans and vegetarians should be out persuading people to stop eating meat? God didn’t make us imperfect as omnivores in hopes that we would one day be corrected to exclude meat. If God truly did create us perfect the way we are, then we’re omnivores, plain and simple, right?

    1. I think we’re omnivores because of evolution, which is something that God knew would happen. I can’t say whether he intended us to eat meat throughout our history, but personally I think that although we can eat meat now, we’re blessed–at least in America–with the luxury of choice, in that we have so much food we don’t need to eat meat. Going off that, I think it’s Beautiful design that we are omnivores, because that gives us flexibility, but that with the way we treat animals for slaughter and how bad it is for the Earth, that it’s very commendable ethically to be vegetarian or vegan. Maybe Jesus would be vegan if He comes back while we’re eating the way we are?

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