What I’ve Been Doing, What I’m Going to Do, and Potpourrie from World War II


If you’re an avid reader or a good friend of mine, you’d know that I love being busy. I love staying up late and getting up early. I love feeling like my life is melodramatic. I love feeling tired, reaching for and drinking a sip of coffee, and returning then my eyes to the computer screen.

Lately, I’ve been happy.

I’ve been reading voraciously, well over 1,000 pages this week alone. I’m not exaggerating, but I am bragging. I’m very proud of all the work I’ve been given the chance to do. Grateful, but mostly prideful.

I have an essay due today at five, one due Monday at noon, and one due Tuesday at midnight. I’ve finished the one for today, reasearched the one due Monday, and am one-third finished with the one on Tuesday.

This week I’ve been to Travis every morning and twice in the afternoon, and my cooking class on Monday went flawlessly. We made super soy-sauced fried-rice.

I feel like it’s Finals week for me I’ve been in the library so much, but the only reason I have such a breadthy head-start on my work (I have a head-start, I promise) is because I’m going to A&M this weekend! I’m going to Tri-Delt Formal tonight with my uber-friend Katlin Mazzocco. I’m riding with my friend Carli, so the ride should be fun, and she’s agreed to return Saturday night, so I’ll be much more relaxed than if we returned Sunday. Hopefully, Saturday holds in its hands lunches with friends, homework at an A&M coffee-shop, and a rare brother-sighting.

My week has been fantastic, my mustache is hearty, my eyes are drooping, the librarians think I’m crazy for checking out “A Cultural History of Margarine,” and my brain is pulsating.

I haven’t played the banjo this week, nor did I run.

(Bad things)

I am writing a twenty page paper on butter, though.

Fun Facts about World War II

  • Young Josef Stalin was a hipster
  • I know you’ve heard about German interr-regnum monetary inflation (remember the story about people with wheelbarrows of money?), but my professor put a number on it. One U.S. dollar in 1923 bought 4,200,000,000,000 German marks. That four point two TRILLION for ONE DOLLAR.
  • Japanese soldiers on Puvalu ate grass and tree bark because they ran out of rations and became so emaciated they literally had no buttocks. Special chairs were manufactured for them
  • Jewish inmates in the Warsaw ghetto had a daily ration of 300 calores. Take that, Southbeach Diet
  • Russian nommes d’guerre were really tough-guy: Stalin means steel-man, Molotov (real person) means hammer, and Lenin means raging Lena river. What if someone introduced themselves to you as hammer? Are you kidding me?
  • One artist suggested that all war memorials be dirt mounds.
  • World War I started partly because Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in the summer, and most other world leaders were on holiday (European tradition). Their subordinates made many of the decisions that led to war in their leaders’ abscences.
  • Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on the third attempt of the day.
  • The average Russian soldier’s life expectancy was three weeks.

Go Patriots!

What I’ve Been Doing, What I’m Going to Do, and Potpourrie from World War II

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