Tri-Delt Formal!

On Friday I went to Tri-Delt Formal in A&M with Katlin, and had so much fun.
The whole night was hilarious and high-energy, and Kate managed to match my dance moves step-for-step.
I met Katlin at her crib, dressed in five minutes, and went to dinner with her friends.
We went to BJ’s…not a huge fan.
The food was good, the “pizooky” was great, and the company was fantastic!
I spent most of the night with her friends Emily and Emma and their dates Joe (from Arkansas!) and Henry, both of whom I really liked.
After waiting out the tornado warnings, we went to Kate’s friend Frances’ apartment to take pictures and continue waiting out the epic gail.
After, we went to downtown Bryant and danced late into the night. It was so much fun, and Kate is such a good dancer. There was a live band, and when they took breaks popular music played, so the balance was perfect.
I had so much fun that entire night.
Then, the next morning I got to see more of campus with Kate, visited my brother, met her roomates, ate all her food, broke her toilet (not in the way you’re thinking), and then took off around midnight with my friend Carli.
This weekend out of 10? Nine point nine.
Now time for homework!
James! One of my best friends ever
At dinner, where we hid from the storm
Kate's great friend, Lauren, who turned 20 the day after!
My favorite picture of the entire night
Telling her the news
It's not tricking if you have it
My date, Kate!
Tri-Delt Formal!

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