House Hunting for Next Year

*posthumously posted

* I have a little bit of spare time before my 9:30 this morning, because for some reason my half-awake mind reasoned that 8:20 was the perfect time to wake up.

It’s not.

What do you do before a 9:30 class when you’ve dressed and eaten by 8:55?

(hopefully you’re never eaten)

It’s the worst amount of time to kill because unless you stumble across the Mezes Computer Lab then you just have to sit and wait for class.

I, fortunately, stumbled upon the Mezes Computer Lab and decided to vent some of Mein Kampf with finding a house.

Our housing journey began last semester when a somewhat distant friend, Jacob, offered to do all the work if we would live with him. We like the guy and were busy and naive, and so we agreed.

A few days before Winter Break began we went and looked at some very promising houses. At that point, we were looking for houses for seven.

Since that point, we added a friend of Jacob’s, named Ben. Then, we added a friend whom we really wanted to live with us, John. Along with Ben, Jacob also is in a package deal with a friend of his who is transferring from TxState.

We were house-shopping for nine, with a possible tenth.

We acquired the services of a very immature realtor who walked through houses and reminisced about his frat days, and showed up late because “the Superbowl really got him hard.”

He showed us several houses that we were interested in, but then he didn’t move quickly enough on them, and we lost the houses.

Among other sketchy things he did: offer to meet us a two in the morning to exchange money for a lease, said he thought a freshman girl we know was very attractive, talked to us about how he was hitting on a girl in a really weird way, insulted Mike because he went to a concert one night instead of going to a party, and being genuinely jealous that Mike had a much higher score than he did on a phone video-game.

He lost us several houses and so we stopped using him.

Yesterday, Jacob hooked us up with a different realtor who was fantastic and showed us five or six viable option.

Everyone had a hard time agreeing on what we wanted, and we had several impromptu meetings to try and hammer out our first and second choices.

Then, Sean told us about a house that some friends of his were leaving last minute that was apparently a house from heaven. We went and snuck into it at midnight and looked around, because Sean’s friend said that it was ok, even though he wasn’t there.

The house was perfect.

However, we might not be able to get it because we have a lot of people and the realtor might be strict about one person to a room and because the utilities get exorbitantly expensive and because someone may have already leased it!

We’re praying that we get that house.

In the meantime, Sean, Mike, and I made a decision that if we can’t get the great house than we’re going to take our group of three, our two friends from Dobie and split from the group of ten.

We called Jacob and told him that it’s dream house or we have to split. Ten people is too many to work with and we don’t want to have to pay to live in a house where we don’t want to.

As it stands now, I’m just waiting to here back from Sean about what the situation is with our dream house, and I’m waiting on John to here about the state of three bedroom houses is in North Campus.

Things are bleak, and I’m very tired from staying up till three to house-shop. We have a super-group of people assembled though, and I think no matter what happens next year I’ll be happy with my friends.


That killed the perfect amount of time.

P.S. The house in West Campus is unavailable and we’re split up now

House Hunting for Next Year

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