Los Campesinos! Starring: My Brother, Featuring: Sean Flack

This weekend my brother came to Austin because I bought him tickets to a concert. Talk about coercion. I go to College Station a lot, and so I wanted him to have a reason to come to Austin!

We saw the band Los Campesinos, which has a very famous song, or at least a very recognizeable one.

I like their stuff enough, and I wanted something that worked with our schedules, so I got him two tickets for Los Campesinos at The Parish on February 18th.

February 18th is, funnily enough, my roomate Sean Flack’s birthday!

(Happy Birthday, Sean)

So, on Friday night Mike and I threw a surprise birthday party for Sean in our room. I stayed up till three the morning before baking him a cake at a friend’s apartment, and Mike and I bought decorations at H.E.B. to let Sean know we were serious about the end of his teenage years.

The surprise aspect of the party was somewhat small, but he was surprised nonetheless! Then, people came coming and coming, and by around 11:30 we had a really good party going. My brother Dan got to meet a lot of best friends, and I think everyone had a good enough time. So far, Mike and I are two for two when it comes to throwing soirees.

Around one, I shipped off to a friend’s apartment to jam a little bit.

Patrick Noe, Mark Lupton, and Sam Leonard: some of the best musicians I have heard in Austin, and they let me join in with my banjo. They’re honestly good enough to have a band and play some shows.

They inspired me to take the next step with my banjo, and so now I think I’m going to set up a second lesson, because I’ve mastered the rolls and fingering that I learned at my first lesson.

Anyway, here is a picture of the terrible cake that I baked–with love–for Sean.

Real rose petals

The day after Sean’s party, Mike, my brother, Ashley, Sean, and I went to eat at 24 Diner: possibly my favorite restaurant in Austin.

The weather was a real bugger the whole day–really this whole week. But those are some of my favorite people in the world, and Ashley gave Sean some much needed accessories.

Yay, accessories!

Brokback Flack

We passed the day away inside our room, because we couldn’t really go out and do anything.

It was really nice though, because everyone has had a rough and tiring test week. Mike and Dan have some serious tests on Monday, so they did some studying.

That night, Dan and I went to the concert!

Big Brother is Listening
Opening Band: Parenthetical Girls

The venue was on 6th Street, a place called The Parish. Which, if you’re an avid fan of the blog, you might remember that I saw Noah and the Whale at The Parish this summer.

Needless to say, the venue brought back fond memories for me and set the bar high for any future shows I would see there. Los Campesinos did not disappoint! Plus, it was their last show of a month-long tour, and so they went nuts at the end.

Los Campesinos!
A seven member band that I think does a lot of ecstasy
The lead singer, Garth!
They are from Wales, England, and were very funny and Welsh
Very easy to dance along to, and so I did not resist

My brother also got to see one of his good friends Justin Shank. Dan got plenty of time with me and my friends, but he also got to see a lot of his old friends. In addition, he got to study, be at 6th Street on Mardi Gras, and sleep on my couch!

This weekend was a celebration of two of my favorite people in the world. Daniel Stenberg and Sean Flack, I love you two!

Los Campesinos! Starring: My Brother, Featuring: Sean Flack

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