Spring Break is Coming!

We used to sing a song in middle school every year before Spring Break. I still remember it.

It’s nearly Spring Vacation, what a big celebration when they finally let us out of school, hurray! Be it bright or breezy we will take life easy, on our Spring Break holiday!

With my unique school-schedule this year, Spring Break has more meaning than usual. I finish school on May 1st, and so April is essentially my last month of school. Preceding April is March, and in March is Spring Break, SXSW, Round-up, and Young Life Placement.

I have plenty to look forward to in March, so it will pass quickly. Plus, it only has three weeks of school in the first place. Once March hits, I have seven weeks of school left at most. Classes will be cancelled, weekends will fly by, and I will spend so much time in the library that I will blink my eyes and school will be finished.

My point: school is practically over.

In the short-term though, I have plenty to look forward to as well. For Spring Break my friend Patrick Noe organized a backpacking trip at the Grand Canyon. Patrick, Aaron Schulze, my friend Luke Harle, and I leave the first Saturday of Spring Break and will return by Wednesday.

I am excited for the trip for numerous reasons. First, we have taken great pains to make it inexpensive but robust. This is quite likely the only time I will visit the Grand Canyon, so I want the experience to be thorough; however, because I have to pay for everything, I am happy we won’t be lodging at the Ritz.Thankfully, Patrick plans everything and does a remarkable job at it.

The second thing for which I am excited is the group of guys with whom I am going. The guys offer the possibility of good, deep talks, but also the ability to joke around and have me cracking up with laughter.

I can’t think of a group of guys with whom I would rather go to the Grand Canyon with than these fellows. In addition, the Grand Canyon itself will be sublime. Everyone says that pictures do not do it justice, and I am blessed with the opportunity to visit the national park with people whom I know will appreciate the vistas.

It is worth mentioning that part of the reason I am looking forward to Spring Break so much is that I am in the midst of what has been my hardest week of school this semester. Three papers, over eight hundred pages of reading, and sleeplessness lie in my future. I am currently typing at 5:13 in the morning. The Grand Canyon, campfires, guitar, and camaraderie are the only thing motivating me at this moment.

But, as General Patton said, “Ardour makes victory sweet.” True words, dead General, true words.

Spring Break is Coming!

One thought on “Spring Break is Coming!

  1. Mark,
    Beautiful post. I hope that you take plenty of pictures to share from your trip. I, also, have an extreme desire to visit the Grand Canyon. Sadly, McKinney’s don’t camp, so it is impossible. My vicarious living requires photographic return. okay?
    I, too, am in the middle of a crazy week and so grateful to read your encouragement and positivity.


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