Life Life Life Life

I know I have not blogged in a long time, but I am not mad about that, and I hope you are not either. I have been busy lately with quite a few things, and it took the Easter weekend to give me time and perspective enough to conjure up a post.

I will wrap up quickly what is going on in my life.

First, school is almost over: I have three weeks left in the Normandy Program and then I ship off for London. This upcoming week will not be too hard, but I will need to start on some major essays and projects this week or I will be slaughtered in the final two weeks. The penultimate and ultimate weeks of Normandy are infamous among those in the program, and there really is not much I can do proactively to combat the onslaught, because professors do not give the essay prompts until the week the essay is due. Six essays in two weeks, but then I am finished. Or dead.

Secondly, I have been reactivating Young Life in my schedule by getting involved at a high school called Reagan. Reagan is an urban school much like Travis, except with several differences. For one, the team is much larger. My good friends Zach, Thersa, Sydney, and Jared are on the team, and so joining has been seamless. There is a lot of room for Young Life to grow there, and I hope I can bring some of the work ethic that I learned at Travis into play at Reagan.

I would be remiss if I did not mention my weekends, because they have been spectacular this entire school year. Last weekend my friend Aaron Schulze had scored a free hotel room at the Hyatt Resort in Bastrop, Texas, and so he invited me and Zach to spend the night there with him and take advantage of all the activities that the resort offered. We swam, campfired, met people, hottubbed, and talked and it was such a blessing for all of us.

This weekend I am back at home, blogging from my trusty family computer. My family is in the background, and I do not want to go back to school. I have spent the weekend eating mostly, and today the added bonus of sweets and soda has reentered my diet (#Easterproblems). I also hung out with a few of my good friends, but I have mostly spent my time with my family playing ping-pong or cooking. I also spent a substantial amount of time last night reading “The Hunger Games.”

Next weekend I have a team bonding event with my LLYC crew, so I will go with Sean and see Luke, Ashley, and others with whom I will be spending a large part of my summer. Following that weekend, I have only more weekend until school is finished for me. The weekend before that was Round-Up, before that was the Grand Canyon, and so on and so on. They have been great! Even my weeknights have been fun. On Thursday I went downtown as a date for a girl whom I had never met. What a night! I have even been to Normandy Scholar parties and let me tell you: what an experience.

The reason for the season is of the utmost importance though, and so I have to tell everyone Happy Easter. We went to church this morning and came home and have been eating, playing ping-pong, and watching tv, which is lazy in my mind, but also exactly what I wanted to do, so I have been a happy camper. Lent has been good to me: I have not touched soda or sweets, and for that I am proud. I totally failed at saying a daily Rosary; I think I stopped right before Spring Break. I have done quite well with the 40 day New Testament Plan, and I will probably finish it tomorrow. I also went to my first Reconciliation as a “card-carrying Catholic,” and I have been getting involved with my Catholic Bible Study more. I think I will be a FOCUS leader next year, which is a leadership position in the youth aspect of the University Catholic Church. I also applied to be the Director of the Gardening Committee at the CEC, so if I get both of those positions next year, in addition to being a Young Life leader again, I think the hole in my life that the Normandy Program will leave might just be filled.

Also, working on a new blog format. Holla.

Life Life Life Life

2 thoughts on “Life Life Life Life

  1. Nuance Nazi says:

    “Next weekend I have a team bonding event with my LLYC crew, so I will go with Sean and see Luke, Ashley, and others…”

    Luke will not be attending.

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