Underground Chickens

I am torn between believing that everyone should be able to have chickens if they want, in the same way we now have dogs, cats, and fish. On the other hand, it is naive to think that the actions of the government are unjustified. There are things like sanitation, liability, property restrictions, and even animal rights that must be considered. If the government wills itself to be the “bad cop” in this situation, then one must respect them for it, to an extent.

No one asked, but my solution would be to legalize the possession of chickens if a few provisions are met. For one, potential owners must attend some sort of education class, so not every ditz who suffers from a pastoral impulse (see the Kardashians) can adopt and potentially abuse chickens. Second, one must regulate the sale of chickens, and also make caring for them mandatory (as is the case with shots and things for dogs).

I think I have solved the problem. Let Barack know.

Underground Chickens

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