Summer Time

If you’re reading this and in college, ha.

If you’re reading this and at work, haha.

If you’re reading this and doing anything other than enjoying your first day of summer, hahaha.

That’s right, ladies and germs, my summer break began this morning. I finished with classes Friday afternoon, but needed to write an essay due Sunday night, so I had not quite finished when classes stopped. I came home early Saturday morning with Michael and I rendezvoused with my whole family to do Stenberg stuff. My brother came home for a concert, so that explains why he too was in San Antonio. We went to the mall to buy me a suitcase for my upcoming travels to Europa. If you have not read my copious postings about Normandy Scholars, then I do not know who you are. I will boil the info down to what you need to know: hard semester studying World War II, now going to London, Normandy, Paris, and Berlin with my 20 classmates.


I do not leave for one week exactly as the program begins in London on the 8th. Many of my classmates arrive early in London or are visiting Scotland before the program starts, but as I will be staying after the program finishes, I arrive to London only the day before it starts. I therefore find myself with a week unlike one I have experienced: my friends are still in college, pre-finals week to be exact, and are in no mood to cavort, I must plan and pack for my month away, and yet I want to do a bunch of things before I leave.

I plan on driving to College Station to see my brother and my friends there before I leave, and also to attend a sorority dance with Katlin. I hope I will be able to see her, Daniel, Jessica, Daphnee, and Michael, but I only have one day, so it might not work. From Cstat I will drive to Austin and try to accomplish the usual “last days of school” stuff. I will sell or return my books, pack up my junk, say goodbye to my friends, and drive home. Hopefully I have a day or two to relax there, because I really want to eat at some restaurants there that I have never had a chance to visit. I have not had a car in Austin, so seeing Austin in my truck changes everything because it broadens my possibilities. Currently, I want to eat at Swift’s Attic, Foreign and Domestic, and the Barley Swine.

The break feels short to me despite the fact I have an entire week, and now traveling to Europe really seems to be hitting me. While I am on the continent I will take picture and blog as often as I can, so you can look forward to that if you’d like, but I imagine you’ll have plenty to do other the summer. If not, you’re more than welcome to visit World War II sites vicariously through me. While still here I have a few things to accomplish though: register for summer classes, buy some shorts and fix my watch, read some books not about war and death, and catch up on sleep. Grueling, I know.

I plan on writing a wrap-up of my semester in Normany Scholars, but not right now. I do not have enough perspective on it yet; I need more time to stew on what I learned life-lesson wise, not intellectually. A premature report would state that the semester was great, but perhaps I cannot write a comprehensive analysis remains impossible until I have done the traveling part of the program. I will keep you up to date, and I look forward to blogging more. Good to be back!

Summer Time

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