Meet Mark

My name is Mark Stenberg and I’m nineteen years old, which makes me 133 in Dog Years, so your dogs will probably respect me.

I go to the University of Texas at Austin and my major(s) are Plan II, Environmenal Resource Conservation, and History.

I love to cook, that’s why there are pictures of food on my blog.

I love organic and sustainable food, that’s why I write about that on my blog occasionally.

I converted to Catholicism almost one year ago, and my faith is very important to me.

I am learning to play the banjo.

Currently, I want to be a chef when I grow up.

I always try to cross things off my Bucket List.

My favorite band is Noah and the Whale. My favorite book is The Life of Pi, and my favorite movie is Tommy Boy.


I work as a Young Life  leader at Reagan High School.

I am generally very environmentally friendly.

I rarely (literally) dream.

I broke my jaw a year ago and it changed me a lot, in addition to weakening my jaw.

I love campfires, and I love them even more when guitar music accompanies them.

I have a garden.

I’m a vegetarian with the eating habits of a vegan. I just say vegetarian so I won’t feel like a hypocrite when I eat the occasional buttered delectable.

I am the proud owner of one mom, one dad, and one brother.

On opposite day, I hate my friends and my family.

I room with three crazy guys: Will McCraney, Sean Flack, and Michael Tyler. I love them.

I’m a Normandy Scholar here at Texas.

I love to run.

I lie about everything.


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