Blue Like Jazz–Donald Miller//Food Rules–Michael Pollan//”Food”–Lapham’s Quarterly//Of Mice and Men–John Steinbeck//All Quiet on the Wester Front–Erich Remarque//Ishmael–Daniel Quinn//14-18: Understanding the Great War//Cannery Row–John Steinbeck//Homage to Catalonia–George Orwell//Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close–Jonathan Safran Foer//Sofia Petrovna–Lydia Chukovskya//The Diary of Helene Berr–Helene Berr//The Longest Day–Cornelius Ryan//Darkness at Noon–Arthur Koestler//The War–Margaurite Duras//War Without Mercy–John Dower//Brave New World–Alduous Huxley//With the Old Breed–E.B. Sledge//Slaughterhouse 5–Kurt Vonnegut//The Hunger Games–Suzanne Collins//Behind the Urals–John Scott//The American People in World War II–David Kennedy//Survival in Auschwitz–Primo Levi//A Bell for Adano–John Hersey//Russia’s War–Richard Overy//Ivan’s War–Catherine Merridale//Victory at Stalingrad–Geoffrey Roberts//Cat’s Cradle–Kurt Vonnegut//Man’s Search for Meaning–Viktor Frankl//Love in the Time of Cholera–Gabriel Garcia Marquez//Howl and Other Poems–Allen Ginsberg//Kaddish and Other Poems–Allen Ginsberg//On the Road–Jack Kerouac//East of Eden–John Steinbeck//


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