Bucket List

Bucket List

  1. Get hand-made shoes
  2. Grow a garden
  3. Corn diet
  4. Go to Paris
  5. Write a book
  6. Go to Macchu Picchu
  7. Eat a prix fixe meal
  8. Learn Spanish
  9. Hunt and kill an animal
  10. Convert a non-Christian
  11. Go to Jerusalem
  12. Run a half-marathon
  13. Run a marathon
  14. Rock climb outdoors
  15. Fast for three days
  16. Running of the bulls in Pamplona
  17. Compete in an eating competition
  18.  Stay in bed all day
  19. Sleep outdoors the homeless
  20. Go to the World Cup
  21. Eat red onions before sleeping and then wake up every hour
  22. Tonsure/monk haircut
  23. Bake a soufflé
  24. Make pasta
  25. Have a “Mark’s signature” dish
  26. Not shower for a week during regular life
  27. Climb one of the seven summits
  28. Go to a music festival
  29. Read the Bible
  30. Write a song
  31. Read Ulysses by James Joyce
  32. Chop down a tree with an ax
  33. See lava
  34. Work at a bakery
  35. Teach a class
  36. Get a mullet


One thought on “Bucket List

  1. Patrona says:

    When you say “go to a Paris”, is that a typo or do you mean just any Paris, like Paris, Texas? hahaha

    Y no sabía que querias aprender a hablar español… como patron!

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