My Tri-Delt Rave and Trip to the Hospital, as Told by Katlin

If you asked me earlier in the day how I was going to spend the last moments of our final date party, I probably wouldn’t have said in a hospital. Keep reading, we’ll get there.

Last night we had our last date party of the year. This is a little bittersweet for me. I love the fact that summer is less than six sleeps away. I hate the fact that the rave was the last time I would be with all of my friends and tridelt sisters until August. Which also reminds me, for those of you who don’t know, I’ll be living in the DDD house with most of my pledge class. I am really excited about this. I think it’ll be fun and a great way to invest myself in these girls.

Anyway, the night sort of started off in chaos. We were running a little late to dinner with Julie and Annalise. We arrived to find out that the power in the shopping center was out. So, we improvised and ate at a cafe called Blue Baker. After, we went to my apartment, suited up in rave attire and headed to the tridelt house where we took pictures and mentally prepared.

When we got to the venue, they provided paint. Lots of paint. We all began flinging it on each other and had some pretty sweet paint wars. It’d be an underestimate to say that paint was everywhere. We ran around innocently and filed up to the dance floor. The music was spot on and so easy to dance to. If you remember from a post from February, Mark is a great dancer. We would go from group to group dancing, but mostly it was again, just Mark and I. But really, I didn’t need much more. He’s so fun to dance with, super entertaining, and I’m not embarrassed in front of him.

I probably wouldn’t have too much to write about the rave if Mark hadn’t taken a fall. So, thank you Mark for a story and some comic relief. So, here’s what led us to the hospital…

We were dancing. Like I said, there was paint everywhere and I was sweating as much as the person next to me. Mix all this together (on the floor to be exact), and you have slippery surfaces. Mark was busting some crazy move to a song that I can’t recall, when all of a sudden he found himself face down on the ground (yeah, you have permission to laugh). The group we were dancing with all kind of froze. We weren’t sure if laughing was acceptable or if he was injured. I bent over and stood up with him and quickly realized there was blood. Blood everywhere. At first, everyone thought it was paint. Let me tell you, Mark was insistent that it was paint. He even kept dancing when he got up. I told Mark about three times that it was blood until he starting feeling a little light headed and agreed that it may not actually be paint.
I led Mark outside and our friends trailed like ducks in a row. We were led into another part of a bar that Tridelt had not rented out where I got to play nurse a little and clean up his wounds. Some bar guy patched him up, gave him water and a wash cloth, ice and a place to sit. When Mark was feeling less woozy, we loaded ourselves onto the bus and headed back to the Tridelt house. I took him to St. Josephs in Bryan. I quickly realized that this was my first venture to the hospital (thank God) in my time here at A&M. Leave it to a longhorn to come into my city and request a visit to St. Josephs. Typical UT people.

We were taken care of very quickly. I’d say within the first 30 minutes of our time there we were seen and stitched up. It was waiting for the bill that took forever. Mark and I sat in the room for close to 2 hours. But, because it was Mark, it was bearable. We took turns tellings jokes, catching up, and making balloons out of rubber gloves. I won’t tell the doctors if you won’t.

Moral of the story… well, there really isn’t one. All I know is that I am incredibly blessed by many friendships, but particularly Marks. He has been such a solid confidant and has always been so uplifting. He is extremely intentional and encouraging. I enjoyed dancing and spending time with him, even if it was in a cold St. Josephs hospital room.

“When the road is rough ahead, and your miles and miles from your nice warm bed… Just remember what your old pal said, yeah, you’ve got a friend in me.” -Toy Story





My Tri-Delt Rave and Trip to the Hospital, as Told by Katlin